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Dedicated Servers

Microsoft (r) Windows 2002, 2003, and Unix FreeBSD & Linux Dedicated Servers

  • Basic Description: We build a server with the platform of your choice to your specific configuration, co-locate it at our co-location facility, put it on Ethernet provide you with passwords and you're all set!

  • We pride ourselves providing our customers with true-non-Cogent connectivity, this means that our network is more robust with much less latency and oversubcription than what our competition is offering for the same pricing.

  • Installation timeframe: upon request to be determined, typically from <6 hours to 4 days.
  • Pricing: Contact Sales or email us at sales@cifnet.net, please do not follow "Online Quotes" link.

  • Please review our FAQ for this service.

    Dedicated Unix Servers, please see below for Win options.

    Package I II III
    Processor PIII-1Ghz P4-2Ghz Dual P4-2GHz
    RAM 512Mb 512Mb 1Gb
    Hard Drive 60GB IDE 18GB SCSI 2 x 18GB SCSI
    Monthly Data Transfer * 400Gb 400Gb 400Gb
    Monthly Fee $210.00 $250.00 $325.00
    Setup Fee $300.00 $350.00 $500.00

  • OS:
    • FreeBSD 4.10
    • RedHat, SuSe or Slackware Linux
      Please contact us for other options
    • NT and Win2003 Licences are available for additional fee, or you may provide us with your own. No additional software is incuded with NT packages.

  • Included with this service:
    • up to 3 IPs, justification must be provided if more than 1 required
    • Burstable to 10Mbps Ethernet Connectivity

  • Contract required
  • Traffic being measured at 95th percentile rule 400Gb of Data Transfer equals to ~1.2Mbps.
  • Please mention KeyCode: "DedServ400promo" and this page for this special pricing, please do not follow "Online Quotes" link, email to sales@cifnet.net directly instead.
  • Limited offer, one server per customer only, however; if your account is in good standing with CIFNet we may allow you to get a 2nd server. Referring others to this speial offer will be considered as a plus toward your account-history with CIFNet!
  • Please note, this service isn't for Shell Providers or IRC bot/ircd runners.