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IP Transit Bandwidth Services

CIFNet provides your company with the reliability and performance needed to keep your infrastructure connected. Available capacities include T1, T3, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet service. Depending on your location or/and preferences, we offer Ethernet services on either MM (multi-mode), SM (single-mode) fiber, or copper. These services are being provided to customers of CoreSite facility located at 427 S. LaSalle St., Chicago, IL 60605. Redundant hand off, be that fiber or copper, into secondary router or switch is also an option.

Customers with multiple handoffs to CIFNet will be terminated into separate devices. This will provide 100% uptime business continuity, no matter if we are experiencing a hardware failure or performing a scheduled software or hardware upgrade. Of course, standard Force Majeure disclaimers apply. For BGP4 customers we have custom BGP4 communities for smart routing and remote triggered blackholes.

With 12-month contract your last month will be free of charge OR you may have an option to cancel the service within the first 30 days. Please contact us for more details.

Quick summary of the facility we're in:

Location: 427 S. LaSalle, Chicago, Illinois
Midwest of the United States, Chicago specifically, is an area not prone to any major natural disasters. This ensures you that your service is unlikely to be down as a result of Mother Nature

Premier Data Center in the World-Class Building
We maintain a cage large enough to hold thousands of servers and the ability to more than double the capacity ensures you, our customer, will have room to grow for years to come

Connection: Redundant GigE and up to 10GigE connections through multiple carriers
We're connected to GTT Communications (AS4436), NTT Communications (AS2914), and Cogent (AS174). Additionally, we do peer at the Any2 Internet Exchange of CoreSite. Huge pipes with bandwidth available on demand capacity ensures that your site will be available fast even during peak usage hours. Please follow this link to find out more about our network.

Test our Network
Test Download Files: http://speedtest.cifnet.com/

Networking: High End Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure
Cisco Routers and Switches such as 6500 series ensure that your site will not be down as a result of inferior hardware failure. GigE customers are being aggregated into our core -- Cisco 6500 series switches, while 100Mbps customers are being aggregated by Cisco 3750 switches.

Network Security: DoS and DDoS attack prevention in place.
For premier clients, we offer high end DoS (Denial of Service) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks protection services

Cooling: Redundant AC units
Data Center is kept at a cool 65-67 degrees Fahrenheit (~18.33 to ~19.44 degrees Celsius) and the proper levels of humidity throughout the year ensure that both static electricity and condensation shall not be a problem

Electrical: Multiple 30 Amp Circuits per Rack
Running our electrical circuits at 80% (in compliance with the National Electrical Code) max capacity ensures your service will never be short on the power. In addition, we order A and B feeds from two separate power systems.

UPS: Full UPS Battery Backup for all equipment
All equipment is backed up using multiple separate battery backup units.

Generator: Full diesel generator backup for all equipment
On top of that, all equipment is on powerful diesel power generators.

And finally, if you are not in 427 S. LaSalle building, we will be more than happy to deliver this bandwidth via the local loop or long-haul carrier of your choice, for an additional fee. Please contact sales@cifnet.net and mention CIFNet 427 S. LaSalle Bandwidth in the subject field.