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Unmanaged Dedicated Servers FAQ

Unmanaged Unix (FreeBSD & Linux) Dedicated Servers FAQ, last updated Apr 27th, 2003

  • Q. Will I be given root access?
    A. Yes, Full root access.

  • Q. What version of Red Hat Linux do you support?
    A. We support 7.2 or later. (9.0 is available and highly recommended)

  • Q. What version of FreeBSD do you support?
    A. We support FreeBSD 4.5R or later versions. (4.8-R is available)

  • Q. What do I do if I need to install earlier versions of FreeBSD or Linux?
    A. Please email sales@cifnet.net to discuss all other Unix OS options.

  • Q. Does the fee include a perpetual license to RedHat Network (for automatic updates via up2date)?
    A. No, it does not.

  • Q. Who is responsible for keeping the OS up to date with updates from Red Hat (FreeBSD, and so forth)?
    A. You are responsible for maintaining your server. Our fees may vary from ~$60 to $170 an hour. Please keep in mind that we offer this line of dedicated servers service only to individuals with some technical background/expirience in Unix OS.

  • Q. Can I install/configure other software (PostFix Mailer, SSH server, etc.)?
    A. Anything you wish, as long as it does not interfere with our network, other servers or devices, refer to AUP policy, and not in any violation of any local laws or regulations. Please refer to our Acceptable Use Policy documents

  • Q. I would like to run my own primary DNS service for my domains on that server with you guys providing secondary. Is this supported?
    A. We can provide free secondary. It is supported at no additional fee. We require ~24 hour to make changes on our NS servers, but in general it might take us less than 30 minutes, depends how urgent request is.

  • Q. Do I have user account control?
    A. Yes, you do. You may add and remove users.

  • Q. What extra services do you provide with this service?
    A. At this time we offer "Remote Console & Power Cycle" services, it is highly recommended if not absolutely essential that you get this service with your Unix server, in case we need to recover halted server, or your ethernet interface goes down, the remote console will save you and us time and money.

  • Q. Do I have IPChain or ipfw or ipfilter management responsibility (i.e. can I setup my own packet filtering rules on the server)?
    A. You can set up and compile any driver/software into the kernel.

  • Q. How would the load balancing solutions work for me?
    A. Each server comes with 2 FastEthernet NICs, one is reserved for things like backup and load balancing, second is for the primary IP connectivity.

  • Q. Can you install FreeBSD 5.0?
    A. Yes we can; however, this may or may not be suitable for production environment and not recommended at this time unless you are an experienced in FreeBSD Unix OS. If you decide to go with 5.0, please do specify during provisioning process.

  • Q. How do you measure bandwidth? I understand I have 400 gigs per month?
    A. We measure using industry standard 95th percentile method, please refer to this document for more information. 400 gigs roughly equals to 1.2Mbps @ 95th % rule, additional transit is billed in 128Kbps increments. You will have 24x7 access to your bandwidth statistics usage, and you will be contacted if we start seeing significant usage.

  • Q. I understand Ethernet interface in your swiching equipment is being locked at 10Mbps, why not 100Mbps?
    A. Each Ethernet port is being locked at 10Mbps Full Duplex, if you are require 100Mbps FDX and plan on bursting above 10Mbps please specify when contacting sales@cifnet.net. You may need to demonstrate consistent usage above 10Mbps limit, and your account must be in good standing order (means no late payments and outstanding invoices.)

  • Q. I need the service ASAP. What information would I need to provide in order to receive quote right away?
    A. Your organization name, contact (your) name with email, billing and/or physical address, phone, fax, what plan and how you would like us to install OS.