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Co-Location Services
  • Basic Description: Our newest Chicago Data Center comes equipped with roomier racks built 42 inches deep to accommodate HP ProLiant, Dell, IBM, or Sun servers, meeting the demands and dimensions of cutting-edge servers that need more room. Whether you have a single 1U server, mid-tower machine, or require a full rack, we will have you up and running in no time. Simply ship your equipment to us. We have immediate rackspace and bandwidth available. You will be dealing with competent friendly expert staff.

    For a limited time, CIFNet is offering a full unmetered 1Gbps FastEthernet circuit with a Full Rack included, 30-amp of 120v AC power, at $2300/month. No install costs. Rapid turnup, 12-month term contract required.

  • Below is our list pricing. Bandwidth sold separately. Certain limitations on power may apply. Please contact sales for more information.

    Space Monthly fee
    1U $40.00
    1/4 Rack $350.00
    1/2 Rack $500.00
    Full Rack $1000.00

  • Included with your service:
    • Bandwidth delivered over Fast/Gigabit/10 Gigabit Ethernet
    • 24 hours or less provisioning and install time - rapid install!
    • Lockable cage space
    • Full rack comes with a single 30 amp 120v AC circuit. DC pricing upon request. Partial rack space comes with AC power based on actual usage. Please contact us for more information.
    • Password protected bandwidth utilization graphs, available 24x7x365
    • Battery UPS back-up to generator power
    • Separate A & B AC power feeds, optional
    • Separate A & B DC power feeds, comes standard, when you order DC power
    • Fully redundant HVAC system
    • Controlled air temperature and humidity environment
    • Anti-static floor
    • Fire-threat detection and suppression system
    • Around the clock, escorted 24x7x365 access to the facility
    • SLA on power and IP connectivity (bandwidth)
    • Security Systems: lobby security, security guards on site, access card readers.
    • Domain name hosting and unlimited email aliasing
    • Reverse DNS services for all IP addresses
    • POP e-mail accounts with browser-based access if needed
    • Competent, friendly, expert service and staff

  • Additional services offered:
    • 24x7x365 remote hands
    • Managed Installation of equipment
    • Rack and Stack Services

  • Customer Benefits:
    • CIFNet manages installation and cross-connects
    • Consolidated billing
    • Easy to understand contracts
    • One point of contact for both IP and Co-Lo needs