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Dedicated Servers

Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, and Unix FreeBSD & Linux Dedicated Servers

CIFNet is more than just a server, we provide total hosting solutions for your needs.

Plan I
Processor: P4-2.4Ghz
Memory: 1GB
Disk: 160GB
Monthly Data Transfer: 1500Gb

В месяц:   $165.00
Установка:   $0.00

(нет на складе)
Plan II Bitrix-preconfigured
Processor: P4-2.4Ghz+
Memory: 1GB
Disk: 160 GB SATA
Monthly Data Transfer: 1500Gb

В месяц:   $169.00
Установка:   $75.00

(нет на складе)
Plan III
Processor: Core2Duo
Memory: 2GB
Disk: 160GB SATA
Monthly Data Transfer: 1500Gb

В месяц:   $180.00
Установка:   $0.00

(нет на складе)
Flat I
Processor: P4-2.4Ghz
Memory: 1GB
Disk: 160GB SATA
Monthly Data Transfer: ~3600Gb

В месяц:   $280.00
Установка:   $0.00

(нет на складе)
Flat II
Processor: Core2Duo 2Ghz
Memory: 2GB
Disk: 160GB SATA
Monthly Data Transfer: ~3600 Gb

В месяц:   $290.00
Установка:   $0.00

(нет на складе)

    • Almost all of our servers are custom configured to your specifications. Then we rack it at our co-location facility, install OS, and provide you with the admin login name and password.

    • We pride ourselves providing our customers with true non-oversubscribed connectivity, this means that our network is more robust with much less latency and oversubcription than what our competition is offering for the same pricing.

    • How are we different?
      • We customize each server. Plans that available here are well predefined, very carefully thought out and reasonably priced.
      • If you require customized solution you can always email us and we'd be more than happy to discuss it with you.
      • All of the hardware components are being fully tested before assigned to each customer. We use Seagate & Western Digital drives and Kingston memory.
      • Network and bandwidth are fully redundant. All connections to the CIFNet network come with BGP (Border Gateway Protocol). In the BGP-world, every ISP/NSP operator has its own Autonomous System Number (ASN). Each ASN has a unique number. CIFNet is known to the Internet community as AS14585. We're connected to AboveNet (AS6461), NTT (AS2914), and Savvis (AS3561). Additionally, we do peer at the Any2 Internet Exchange. Whatever your bandwidth needs may be, CIFNet has the scalability to meet them. Please follow this link to find out more about our network.
      • We maintain co-location space with CoreSitein Chicago, IL. CoreSite (formerly CRG West) is a premier co-location and data center management company. For more information about our site at CoreSite click here.
      • Easy to understand contracts and sign up paperwork. Our agreements are truly simple.
      • We offer Unix-based solutions, as well as MS Windows ®

    • Installation timeframe: rapid install.
    • Pricing: Contact Sales or email us at sales@cifnet.net

    • Please review our FAQ for this service.

    • OS:
      • FreeBSD
      • OpenBSD
      • NetBSD
      • Fedora Core, CentOS, ALT Linux, Slackware Linux, Linux Debian, Linux Ubuntu, Linux openSUSE, Mandriva Linux
      • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Microsoft Windows Server 2003: You can provide your own license, or we can provide it for additional $50/month per CPU (5 CALs)
      • MS SQL 2000/2005 server - $250/month per CPU
      • Exchange 2003 Server, 25 CALs - $150/month
    • Included with this service:
      • up to 3 IPs, justification must be provided if more than 1 required.
      • Burstable to 10 or 100Mbps Full-Duplex Ethernet Connectivity (can be upgraded to GigE)
      • Bandwidth utilization graphs available 24x7
      • Secondary DNS Services
      • Webmin, which we install upon request on our Unix machines. Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix.
      • Ticket Support/Reporting Web Site
      • Basic IP filters (ACLs) when needed. (please refer to FAQ)
      • Data backupservices
      • Competent, friendly, expert service and staff
    • Server can be pre-configured to be used with Bitrix Site Manager
    • Future add-on services:
      • Multicasting
      • IPv6
    • Contract required, typically month-to-month. Other options are available
    • Payment options include PayPal, Credit Cards, Checks, ACH and Wire Transfers
    • Traffic is being measured at 95th percentile rule. For example,400Gb of Data Transfer equals to ~1.2Mbps of sustained transfer rate; 1500Gb of Data Transfer equals to ~4.5Mbps of sustained transfer rate
    • Please note: above plans are not intended for businesses operating marketing email campaigns, IRC or/and shell providers, adult hosting, or on-line gambling operations. If you represent one of these entities, or if you are in doubt, please contact us before placing orders with us. Upon discussion, an alternative agreement may be issued to you.