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Dedicated Servers

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, and Unix FreeBSD & Linux Dedicated Servers

  • Basic Description: We build a server with the platform of your choice to your specific configuration, rack it at our co-location facility, provide you with passwords and you're all set!

  • We pride ourselves providing our customers with true-non-oversubscribed connectivity, this means that our network is more robust with much less latency and oversubcription than what our competition is offering for the same pricing.

  • How are we different?
    • We actually customize each server to your specific needs, both hardware and OS installation. Plans that available here are well predefined, very carefully thought out and reasonably priced.
    • If you require customized solution you can always email us and we'd be more than happy to discuss it with you.
    • All of the hardware components are being fully tested before assigned to each customer.
    • We don't offer cheap Intel Celeron processors or similar AMD equivalents.
    • Bandwidth and network wise - we are fully redundant. All connections to the CIFNet network come with BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) In the BGP-world, every ISP/NSP operator has its own Autonomous System Number (ASN). Each ASN has a unique number. CIFNet is known to the Internet community as AS14585.
    • Redundant routers and switch configuration ensures network stability and scalability. Currently we buy and use Transit connectivity from 2 Tier backbone providers and in the process of evaluating two other.
    • We offer not only customized Unix solutions but MS Windows as well.

  • Installation timeframe: upon request to be determined, typically from <6 hours to 4 days.
  • Pricing: Contact Sales or email us at sales@cifnet.net, please do not follow "Online Quotes" link.

  • Please review our FAQ for this service.

    Dedicated Unix Servers, please see below for Win options.

    Package Silver I II III Flat I Flat II
    Processor PIII-1Ghz P4-2Ghz P4-2Ghz Dual P4-2GHz P4-2Ghz P4-2Ghz
    RAM 512Mb 512Mb 512Mb 1GB 512Mb 512Mb
    Hard Drive 60GB IDE 60GB IDE 18GB SCSI 2 x 18GB SCSI 60GB IDE 18GB SCSI
    Monthly Data Transfer * 200Gb 400Gb 400Gb 400Gb Flat 10Mbps * Flat 10Mbps *
    Monthly Fee $79.00 $150.00 $195.00 $275.00 $400.00 $445.00
    Standard Setup Fee $300.00 $300.00 $350.00 $500.00 $300.00 $350.00

  • Flat 10Mbps is Un-metered Cogent-only Network Connection. Only in the event of an outage with Cogent connection traffic will be rerouted to our other Transit providers.

  • OS:
    • FreeBSD 4.10
    • RedHat, SuSe, Debian or Slackware Linux
      Please contact us for other options
    • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Microsoft Windows Server 2003: You can provide your own license, or we can provide it for additional $50/month per CPU (5 CALs)
    • MS SQL 2000 server - $250/month per CPU
    • Exchange 2000 Server, 25 CALs - $150/month

  • Included with this service:
    • up to 3 IPs, justification must be provided if more than 1 required
    • Burstable to 10Mbps Full-Duplex Ethernet Connectivity (can be upgraded to 100Mbps FE or Dual FE)
    • Bandwidth utilization graphs available 24x7
    • Secondary DNS Services

  • Future add-on services:
    • Ticket Support/Reporting Web Site
    • Additional IP addresses per request and justification
    • Basic IP filters (ACLs) when needed. (please refer to FAQ)
    • Data backup via 2nd built-in NIC, currently customers may set up two servers to backup data from one to another.
    • SLA agreements
    • Multicasting
    • IPv6

  • Contract required, typically month-to-month. Other options are available
  • Silver Plan is valid for new customers only
  • Traffic is being measured at 95th percentile rule 400Gb of Data Transfer equals to ~1.2Mbps, 200Gb of Data Transfer equals to ~640Kbps.
  • Please mention KeyCode: "L1H4BA" and this page for this special pricing, please do not follow "Online Quotes" link, email to sales@cifnet.net directly instead.
  • Limited offer, one server per customer only, however; if your account is in good standing with CIFNet we may allow you to get a 2nd server. Referring others to this speial offer will be considered as a plus toward your account-history with CIFNet!
  • Please note, this service isn't for Shell Providers or IRC bot/ircd runners.